• Promoted custom background images from the 'Experimental' menu to the 'Appearance' menu, with a slightly better interface.
  • New experiment: 'Drip' style rendering.
    • Objects paint their paths to canvas as they move, giving an effect similar to my other LWP & daydream, Drip.
  • Bug fix: Removed overlapping animation when opening settings app.
  • 1.4.4

    Custom background images!

  • Currently under 'Experiments'.
  • Ticking the checkbox will open a file picker and then let you crop your chosen image.
  • Currently only JPG and PNG files are supported.
  • Images are centered on screen. Small images will be scaled up if necessary.
  • If you want to choose a new image, untick and re-tick the option.
  • This is a temporary arrangement and will be replaced with a nicer setup soon.
  • Bug fix: Spawning rate is now constant regardless of how many system types are enabled.

    Settings menus:

  • Bug fix: Settings menu icons on the toolbar no longer turn invisible after device rotation.
  • Bug fix: No more weird double or mysterious colour-changing ripples..
  • Minor layout and animation tweaks.
  • 1.0.4

  • Object size preference.
  • All colour, size and object style options can now be chosen independently for the main screen and lock screen.
  • Size and colour option differences melt into one another when the device becomes locked or unlocked.
  • Re-reorganised options menu.
  • 1.4.2

    Minor animation tweaks.

    Bug fix (sort of): FAB should no longer cover anything in Daydream settings.

    Added shadow experiment for Daydreams:

  • Beware - if enabled, performance will take a major hit!
  • Try lowering your object limit for a better frame rate.
  • 1.4.1

    Split layout for settings on wide devices or for landscape use.


    Fully materialised settings! (For Android 4.2 and greater only - stuff gets prettier as version number increases! Older versions (4.1 and below) still use the old version of the settings.)

    Bug fix: trace lines now works properly when 'Show centre of mass' is enabled.

    Better (I think?) colour morphing for collisions and notifications.

    I think everything has been tested but this was a big rewrite so please let me know if I broke something!


    Bug fix: Stopped pulsing in random colours when no notifications are active.

    Finally added streamers to LWP. They have been available in daydreams for ages but I forgot to copy them across!


    Added support for an extension app that makes LWP & Daydream objects pulse in different colours when you receive notifications.

  • Apps and colours are chosen in extension app.
  • Once you have installed the extension, go to the new Notification Pulse settings page and enable it.
  • Get the extension here:


    Added options for time text colour, size and solid/outline style.


    • Basic material settings theme on Lollipop.
    • Added option to show current time overlay on Daydream (as requested by +tom bones):
      • Consider this a beta option for now and please let me know if something doesn't look right.
      • Choose between 24 and 12 hour formats.
      • Displayed time slowly moves up and down a bit to avoid upsetting amoled displays.
    • Squeezed the file size down a bit.
    • New but still unexciting icon.


  • Added option to choose a separate colour for object outlines (by request!). Find it at the bottom of the 'Appearance' menus.
  • Camera movement when using 'Show centre of mass' experiment should now be smoother.
  • 1.1.5

  • You can now access Wallpaper and Daydream settings from your app launcher, under 'Orbitals LWP'. This was added to enable access to Daydream settings for Android 4.2 users as the normal method doesn't appear to work...
  • Added object streamers to Daydreams:
    • Shoot a stream of objects in one direction.
    • They can occur naturally but you can swipe to make your own.
  • Bug fix: target frame rate should now be accurate.
  • One or two minor cosmetic changes.
  • 1.1.4

    Bug fix - chosen background colour should now be properly applied in Daydream mode.


    New 'Bitcrush' experiment. If enabled, objects will be displayed as low-fidelity approximations.


    • Option to change object colours depending on battery charge level. You can now choose separate colour themes for battery levels >80%, >50%, >20% and <20%, so you can get a rough idea of your charge level from a quick glance at the colours of your star systems. Currently only implemented for the main LWP - if set, lockscreen colours will obey main settings.
    • New 'Experimental' features menu:
      • Any options found in this menu may result in wonky physics and/or rendering. They will continue to be developed and will migrate into some other menu once they work reliably!
      • Centre view on the centre of mass. I recommend using this setting with collisions switched off as that seems to be less prone to breaking. It also looks quite nice.
    • For the record, battery charge colouring is kind of experimental too. It works okay but I think it can be improved a lot!


  • Options to toggle daydream interactivity and screen dimming, available under 'Performance' in the daydream options menu.
  • If interactivity is enabled you can exit the daydream just by holding your finger down in one spot for half a second - no need to pull up system bars.
  • 1.1.0

    Daydream (screensaver) mode!

    • Enable it under Settings > Display > Daydream (requires Android 4.2 Jellybean or above).
    • Daydream settings are chosen separately from wallpaper and lockscreen but include all the same options.
    • Displays in full screen immersive mode - swipe in from the top or bottom to make your status bar/ navigation bar visible again (requires Android 4.4 Kitkat or above).


    • Multiple object colour options can now be chosen - e.g. you can choose red, orange and yellow instead of just red. (GingerBread devices are still limited to single colours, I'm afraid.)
    • Due to the above alteration, your colour settings have probably reset to the default 'all' setting. Apologies for the inconvenience of re-choosing your colours but I hope the ability to choose more than one is worth it.
    • Minor fixes for pre-Honeycomb Android versions.


    • Collision options:
      • Simple (immediate destruction of smaller object),
      • Merge (gradual mass transfer to larger object),
      • and None (no collisions, acceleration softened when objects are very close).
    • Option to change line thickness for wire frames.
    • Added change-log dialogue.


    • Object transparency options.
    • Wire frame option to show objects as just their outline.
    • Lock screen options! You can now choose to change things like colour saturation, brightness or transparency of objects when your device is locked. More are in the works!
    • Reorganised options menu. Categories now have their own screens as the all-in-one menu was getting a bit long and cumbersome.


    • Option to generate softer/desaturated colours
    • Collisions now gradually transfer mass and size to larger object instead of immediately destroying the smaller object. (This will be an option soon.)
    • Options to change the strength and direction (antigravity!) of gravity.
    • Option to choose preferred frame rate.
    • A couple of small visual tweaks.


    First release!