• Bug fix: In-app billing service now behaves itself properly.
  • Bug fix: Touching the screen now only adds an 'allowed' brush type.
  • New: Transparency setting for daydream clock.


Live wallpaper now reloads settings automatically when you change something.


  • Much smoother animation when moving to a new piece of canvas.
  • Smoother transition when changing between lockscreen and normal LWP settings
  • Made lockscreen settings optional and disabled by default. If you were already using this feature please check the lockscreen menu and check the 'Enabled lockscreen settings' box at the top to restore your settings.
  • Added a larger brush option.
  • A couple of minor rendering tweaks.


Drip generates abstract art pieces in a drip-painting style. While the paintings themselves are generated on-the-fly, there is a lot scope for personalisation - see the attached pictures for a few examples.

Some special features have been brought over from Orbitals, including notification colours and lockscreen-specific settings.